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Birthdate:Jul 21
Location:Birmingham, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
So, you've stumbled upon my profile what's next?

  • If we have something in common I'll friend back more than likely unless I see something I don't like

  • All fic until further notice (unless the sanctity of my life is endangered) is unlocked so you don't need to friend for it

  • Be prepared to hear alot of my RL- it's pretty boring and what not

  • All art shown here is my own and credit where rememebered is shown- if ya like it snag it but C R E D I T and do not hotlink!

  • Most fandoms in my LJ is Supernatural but be prepared to hear about Smallville, Gilmore Girls, The OC, Big Bang Theory, Ugly Betty, CSI (all of them) and One Tree Hill

  • I don't do wank- I may stumble across it but for most purposes fandom wanking annoys the hell outta me. One thing I do not like and never probably will is girlfriend/fiancee wank. Happy!boys= happy!me. I don't know them personally and therefore do not make judgement calls. And hearsay... is exactly that!

In regards to SPOILERS!
I am a spoilerwhore, but I respect those who aren't I have many friends who hate them so I don't post them for a reason

I also love this place for obvious reasons:

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